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Tag #259


Sire: Howdy (Beefmaster X Maine)

Dam: I am Legend X Simmy

DOB: 10/16/17


A real complete calf that is big boned, sound and has loads of muscle.  Great hair before we clipped him.  Dual purpose Ft. Worth or slick show.

Tag #2


Sire: Mudcat (Brangus X Gert/Maine)

Dam: Chigger daughter

DOB: 11/26/17


A super gentle and powerful steer.  Huge boned and muscled. Smooth polled.

Tag #226


Sire: Gup

Dam: Brahman X Limmy

DOB: 10/21/17


Here is one unique beast that that combines Pretty and Power in the same package. Dam is a full sib to the 2006 Res. Champion Brahman steer in Houston. Great Simbrah prospect.

Tag #292


Sire: Quietus (Reg. Brangus)

Dam: Brangus X Simbrah/Maine

DOB: 12/15/17


Smooth polled ¾ Brangus steer that has the bone and muscle of an Exotic.  We think this young guy can be very special.

Tag #297


Sire: Quietus (Reg. Brangus)

Dam: Mighty Mouse X Simmental

DOB: 1/02/18


These pics are as honest as they get.  We penned him and his mom, gave him a 30 minute clip job, turned him in the picture pen and here he is.  Look at the style and skeletal soundness in this young guy.  We feel this one has a great future and he is smooth polled.  He will be even better when you come and see him.

Tag #306


Sire: Howdy

Dam: Mighty Mouse X Maine

DOB: 11/11/2017


Here is one we have liked since he was born because he is so complete.  Soundness, Muscle, Body, and Look all in one package.

Tag #272


Sire: Gup

Dam: Brangus X Hereford

DOB: 10/21/18


If you like them Proud and Stout then this is your guy!!  This steer is easy to picture because he always gives you the look.  We think he is an outstanding Simbrah prospect.

Tag #204


Sire: Gup

Dam: Gert X Maine

DOB: 11/15/2017


Study this one real hard.  He is by one of our old foundation cows and probably her last natural calf.  This guy has all the right parts to be an outstanding Gert steer.  He is real green and we can’t wait to see him as a fat steer!!

Tag #124


Sire: TKO (Charolais X Maine)

Dam: ¾ Brahman ¼ Braunvieh

DOB: 1/04/2018


One of several nice calves by our new sire we purchased from Kevin Newman.  This little dude has is huge boned big topped and has plenty of room to grow.

Tag #102


Sire: Quietus (Brangus)

Dam: Brahman X Maine

DOB: 11/8/2017


Full Brother to 2014 Champion Brahman Steer in San Antonio.

Tag #322


Sire: 3-Way (Walks Alone X Mighty Mouse/Maine)

Dam: Mighty Mouse X Braunvieh/Simmental

DOB: 11/15/2017


A double bred Mighty Mouse calf that we left a bull for your option.  He has a real cool look and always strikes the pose.  Great bull or Simbrah steer prospect.

Tag #561


Sire: TKO

Dam: Registered Hudgins Brahman

DOB: 1/15/2017


If you need a cool looking light wt. Brahman then here he is.  This guy is young but already shows a great look and super muscle pattern.

Tag #1


Sire: TKO

Dam: Brangus X Hereford

DOB: 11/13/2017


A real green steer now but he will feed great.  He is really cool patterned, gentle, and had great hair before we clipped him.

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