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Tag # 8


Sire: Gup

Dam: Maine X McFrid daughter

DOB: 11/6/2018


The McFrid cow produced 4 breed champion steers at the majors and her daughters have produced breed champions as well.  This is a very long fronted and thick ended steer.  Gup produced the Champion Gert steer at San Antonio this year as well.

Tag # 2


Sire: Hercules (Reg. Brangus)

Dam: Troubadour X Meyer

DOB: 11/26.18


If you like big boned, sound, muscular cattle with lots of hair then check this one out.   He has Ft. Worth quality hair and more than enough top. butt, and bone to slick shear and stand out in the crowd.  He is also “puppy dog” gentle.  Tag 2 has two ET brothers in the sale – Tag 5 & 11.

Tag # 1


Sire: Lock n Load (Hudgins Brahman)

Dam: Solid Gold

DOB: 11/26/2019


Half- blood Brahman steer that we are excited about.  His sire, Joe Taylor’s Lock n Load bull, has sired numerous breed champions at the majors.  His dam is a very powerful, moderate female we bought out of one of the recent Share the Brand sales. We have produced 4 Breed Champion and numerous class winning Brahman steers over the years and we are as excited about this one as any we have sold in the past.

Tag # 11


Sire: Hercules (Reg. Brangus)

Dam: Troubadour X Meyer

DOB: 11/24/18


Solid black, smooth polled, long necked and muscular.  This full brother to Lot #2 and Lot #5 has the potential to be good in any breed you show him as.  We think he makes a very good Brangus steer.  He was very good haired and is real gentle.

Tag # 7


Sire: Quietus (Reg. Brangus)

Dam: Walks Alone X Braford

DOB: 12/14/2018


We think this one is going to be real good!!  You always hear “he is skinny  cuz cow don’t milk” but his mother is mainly for companionship!!  He is on green oats and creep now and changes every day.  Will not say much about him except he is black, polled, and good.  Pic speak for themselves. His sire, our Quietus Brangus bull, has produced a Breed Champion steer at San Antonio and a division Champion heifer at Ft. Worth and a Res. Champion female at the International Brangus Futurity.

Tag # 5


Sire: Hercules (Reg. Brangus)

Dam: Troubadour X Meyer

DOB: 11/23/2018


Full ET brother to Tag#2 and Tag #5.  Similar comments can be said on him as others.  He is very sound, thick, gentle and had great hair.

Tag # 6


Sire: Otis (Mighty Mouse grandson)

Dam: Brangus X Maine

DOB: 11/26/2018


This guy will make a really good light or middle wt. Simbrah at the majors.  He is super in his lines, long necked and has Mighty Mouse muscle shape.

Tag # 20


Sire: Chigger (Brangus X Charolais/Epinal)

Dam: Brangus cross (Big John)

DOB: 1/10/2019


A GREAT young ABC or Gert prospect.  This guy has as good of a muscle design as any steer we have raised in a long time.  When you look at his pics, notice the width of his upper hip and how his tail head lays in.  From the front view notice the width of skeleton and how smooth he is in his shoulder.  Also notice his top and rib shape.  He is near flawless in his skeleton and is truly unique in how he compliments his muscle power into a very attractive body design.  Needless to say, we think he is one of our better ones.

Tag # 10


Sire: Chigger

Dam: Joe B. X Braunvieh

DOB: 12/2/2018


Full brother to the American cross Logan Gilbert showed that was Champion American steer at every Prospect Show he entered and was Supreme Champion once and Res. Supreme Champion three times.  The steer went on to be 4th place ABC in Houston.  We think this steer is just as attractive but has more bone and muscle.

Tag # 15


Sire: Solid Cheddar

Dam: Brangus X Maine

DOB: 11/19/2019


We think this is a real good Bull prospect or Dallas American steer candidate.  He has as much muscle and bone as any American calf out there and is very flexible in his skeleton.

Tag # 12


Sire: Little Sure Shot

Dam: Monopoly

DOB: 12/29/2019


The only Exotic calf in the sale, but a real good one.  This guy is massive in his muscle and structure and extremely sound.  You need to see this one in person because he is impressive.  He is out of a first calf heifer and calved unassisted which makes him a great candidate for a bull.

Tag # 3


Sire: Mudcat (Quietus X Maine/Gert)

Dam: Maine X Simmental

DOB: 10/15/2019


The oldest calf we are offering but by far the greenest. He went through a tough winter and had never seen creep feed or much green grass until about two weeks before we took his picture.  He is big hipped any very good in his lines and has great hair.  This guy is the “sleeper’ in this sale.

Tag # 9


Sire: 3-Way (Walks Alone X Simbrah)

Dam: Joe B. X Braunvieh

DOB: 10/30/2019



A super stout boned and muscular calf.  We think he makes a great steer or bull prospect.  His dam (303 cow) is one of top donor cows who always raises a good one.

Tag # 16


Sire: Otis (Mighty Mouse grandson X Hercules)

Dam: Brangus X Maine

DOB: 11/21/2018


Big bodied, big footed, big top and butt.  Super gentle calf.  He is very close to being a half-blood Brahman by pedigree.

Tag # 21


Sire: TKO (Out There X Ammo)

Dam: McFrid Daughter X Book ‘em Dano

DOB: 12/15/2018


Paternal half-brother to the 2019 Class 2 Champion AOC steer in Houston 2019.  This is one “cool dude”.  His very complete and is real thick ended.  He is a natural “showman” and is EXTREMELY gentle.

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