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Tag #1


Sire: TKO (Out There X Ammo daughter)

Dam: Brangus (Big John) X Maine/Brahman

DOB: 12/3/2017


Very unique breeding piece here. Ultra stout, long necked, and big footed. She is HUGE butted and can handle it!! Out of a very good Big John daughter who is by one of our best cows.

Tag #2


Sire: Otis (Mighty Mouse grandson by Honey Badger)

Dam: Brangus X Maine

DOB: 12/6/2017


Great colored, big bodied, perfect structure, and great maternal genetics on both sides of pedigree.  This one can be fun!!  She is worth the drive to see in person!!

Tag #3


Sire: Howdy (Beefmaster X Maine)

Dam:  McFrid Cow X Shamrock

DOB: 12/2/2017


If you are not familiar with the McFrid cow, David and I raised her many years ago and she produced 4 Breed Champion steers at the majors including the Res. Grand Overall in San Antonio 2004.  We have tissue banked on her to clone but have not done it yet.  So here is your chance to get in on our best genetics. A very feminine moderate, sound, big muscled heifer that looks A LOT like her Grandma at this age.  Oh, I forgot to mention the Shamrock bull sired a res. Grand  Overall steer in Houston.  Power in the blood here.

Tag #4


Sire: Brightside of Brinks (Reg. Brangus)

Dam: Habanero X Ice Pick/Maine

DOB: 10/14/2017


An older heifer with plenty of COW power.  The Habanero influenced females have always worked for us in making the really good American cattle.  Combine this with the proven cow making power of her sire she should be a show steer producing factory.  And do not forgot the old Ice Pick Maine bull for added muscle.  I almost hope no one bids on her.

Tag #5


Sire: TKO (Out There X Ammo daughter)

Dam:  Fullblood Beefmaster

DOB: 12/14/2017


Super gentle as you can see in her picture.  So laid back we did everything we knew to do and could not excite her to throw that extra-long neck up in the air.  One of the more complete heifers in the sale.  Sound, big footed, muscle and super feminine.  Combination of show ring look and pasture power here.

Tag #6


Sire: TKO  (Out There X Ammo daughter)

Dam: Simbrah X Maine

DOB: 12/15/2017


Young and green but a Beautiful pattern in this heifer.  Have to appreciate the combination of bone, muscle, and femininity in her.   Show her and then raise a GOOD American steer out of her.  Her dam was a successful show heifer that was a Division Champion at the Washington Co. Commercial Heifer show.  (over 100 head showed that year)

Tag #7


Sire: Howdy (Beefmaster X Maine)

Dam:  McFrid Cow X Brangus/Maine

DOB: 11/29/2017


Another McFird cow granddaughter that is a ¾ Sister in blood to the Tag #3 Heifer.  This one is just FLAT OUT put together RIGHT!!  Moderate framed, huge feet, and a VERY attractive look.  Power in the Blood here!!

Tag #9


Sire: Ghost Rider (Full brother to TKO)

Dam: Black Paint Beefmaster Cross Cow

DOB: 10/26/2017


If you are looking for a cow to raise American show steers then take a look here.  Extra body, bone and soundness.  She has the perfect pieces to compliment many of the exotic bulls available and make a great calf.  Her dam is great producing cow and we have kept many daughters by her.

Tag #10


Sire: GUP (Beefmaster X Maine)

Dam: Mighty Mouse X 128 Donor

DOB: 11/2/2017


Ultra feminine and great bodied.  This hiefer's dam side pedigree has our winningest genetics.  Mighty Mouse and the McFrid cow combined for many Major Show Breed Champions, and the 128 cow who is a daughter of McFrid herself has produced a Major Show Breed Champion steer.  Great show heifer and even better cow prospect.

Tag #11


Sire: Quietus (Reg. Brangus)

Dam: Maine X Shorthorn

DOB: 10/14/2017


Hard to find a hole in this heifer.  She is super balanced and feminine with the right kind of muscle.  You can breed this one with confidence.  Her completeness will allow her to fix many of the problems possessed by the extreme bulls we are forced to use in this industry and make good ones!!   Can be registered as an ARB and make a great show heifer.

Tag #13


Sire: TKO (Out There X Ammo daughter)

Dam: Brangus X Brahman/Hereford

DOB: 1/19/2018


This one is young and skinny but will mature into one of the best in this sale!!  If you breed them, you know how hard it is to combine power, femininity, and soundness in the same beast, and she has it.  Her young dam has been a very good producer and a sister to this heifer is producing better than her dam.

Tag #14


Sire: 3-Way (Walks Alone X Mighty Mouse/Maine/Char)

Dam: Beefmaster X Maine/Angus

DOB: 10/31/2017


The most powerfully constructed heifer offered.  Loads of breeding potential.  Extra hair, bone and muscle in a very feminine package.  Would love to see her bred to Otis.  We can help you make that happen!!

Tag #15


Sire: Quietus (Reg. Brangus)

Dam: Mighty Mouse Daughter

DOB: 11/28/2017


Out of a first calf heifer who is one of our best young Mighty Mouse daughters.  This heifer may be as good as any as a Cow prospect.  Ultra feminine, great body and structure and look at the American character she has in her head, ear, and navel.  Breed her to an Exotic, American composite, or Brangus bull and look out!!

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